Adam will no longer have sagging pants

Last night, I had the type of dream that no one wants to return to, so I stayed awake. I took the dog for a long walk to clear the cobwebs & had a cool quiet summer morning.

By the I got back to my apartment I decided that I'm done with sagging pants. Done...

I'm weird with pants. As far back as I can remember, I've only been able to really enjoy one or two pair at a time. When I've got a pair of pants that I like, I stick with 'em. Once they're broken in, they're practically my skin.

I don't part ways with pants until I absolutely have to. I wear them until they look like they've been assaulted by fire breathing hippopotamuses & run over by steam engine scale lawnmowers (with rusty diamond tipped blades).

I've noticed that my current pants have been sagging lower and lower. When they sag, its not because I think it looks cool. Its because maybe I thought they were a better fit when I bought them, or maybe I lost a little around the waist, or maybe my phone and wallet have become more sensitive to gravity's pull. Either way.

I've decided I'm done with sagging pants. This morning, after I cleared the cobwebs, I took my two favorite pairs to the tailor around the corner. I pick them up tomorrow at 3pm.

7/08/2009 8:45 am