Adam was places (represented by numbers)

Friday night, Biana and I decided to head to 40.752207,-74.009214. We looked at the lights flickering in New Jersey. We also looked for ghosts on the the lower decks of The Frying Pan. We found a piano, a painting, and a cabinet filled with sea creatures in jars.

On Saturday, we went for a bike ride around Jamaica Bay. We stopped at 40.60453,-73.898807 because the drawbridge was opening. While we were stopped, I looked down and saw horseshoe crabs, people fishing, and a boat waiting to pass under the bridge.

After our ride, we were hungry and got Indian food at 40.72686,-73.98755. The restaurant had live music. One of the musicians let Biana play the tabla for a minute or two.

Sunday was Mother's Day. I decided to bike from Bushwick to Fresh Meadows to visit my mom and grandmother. I brought them flowers. Somewhere along the way, I took a wrong turn and biked around 40.688904,-73.886425. I saw the remnants of Ridgewood Reservoir's pumping station, fences, and graffiti.

I was places represented by numbers. You were places represented by numbers. We all were.

5/10/2009 10:41 pm