Adam wants to race shopping carts this year

Does anyone have details about the 2009 Idiotarod in NYC? Is it even happening? I had a lot of fun attempting to race last year! (No... wait... here's a better picture of me...)

UPDATE: A date has been announced here. Woot.

Briefly: The Idiotarod is the idiot-city-kids spin on the classic Iditarod dog sled race. Instead of a sled, there's a shopping cart and instead of dogs, there are idiot humans.

Carts of Brooklyn.com hasn't been updated since last year. And the usual sources, like Nonsense NYC, haven't made a peep.


PS - The Beastie Boys inspired picture above was taken by LarimdaME during the 2007 NYC Idiotarod. I found it on Flickr, where there's really no shortage of awesome shopping cart race pics.

12/26/2008 10:59 pm