Adam is surrounded by things that keep moving

Saturday night I headed to Brooklyn Fireproof East with Biana. We had a quiet glass of wine while moped gangs from all over the United States drank PBR and lit urinals on fire. The best bits of 1990s era hiphop played in the background. This webpage has something to do with what we witnessed, but I think I need to have a moped to truly understand.

On Sunday we headed to Govorner's Island and bicycled around with Biana's friend Jon. The real action was in the water. Swimmers from around the world were competing in a 10 kilometer swim around the island. After the race, the swimmers got the river scum hosed off of their bodies. There was a guy with a kite there taking aerial photographs. Check his photos out. The pic up above comes from here.

I need to start carrying a camera everywhere I go. Everything around me keeps moving.

9/07/2009 6:13 pm