Adam is a sucker for stories

We had a recurring segment on Dailysonic (my old podcast) called 30-Second Life Stories. I used to walk around NYC with a mic in hand, asking total strangers to tell me their stories.

Here's a snippet, in case you're curious...

I'm a sucker for stories. Especially when they humanize the storyteller, or bring people closer together, or make people grateful, or make people feel warm and cuddly.

A few months ago Karyn & Lila asked if I could help them build the phone & web components for Echo Atlanta... a storytelling project designed to promote walking & cycling around the city of Atlanta.

I had built a similar sort of system for Appalachian Trail hikers, and was excited to get involved with another awesome storytelling tool.

Karyn & Lila's plan is to put up signs in interesting places all over the city. The signs list a phone number, and invite people to listen to stories about a place... or record their own.

The duo have also started interviewing people in the neighborhoods Lake Claire & Candler Park. They've collected some great stories so far. My favorite one (so far) is about chasing down a runaway birthday party pony through the streets of the city.

Echo Atlanta Screenshot

Echo Atlanta recently launched in beta. If you live in Atlanta (or happen to be passing though) grab your phone and try it out. You can follow the site's progress here and here.

9/16/2009 11:02 pm