Adam is a proud patron of the Black Boot Saloon

I assumed it was a bar, but the exterior didn't give much away. It was in the middle of nowhere on Bogart Street. I'd noticed it the other day while walking the dog.

I said to myself, "This place with the black awning and white all-caps Helvetica lettering is probably worth checking out."

Last night I headed over with Biana. I thought the place might be a country western themed bar, but I was mistaken. The Black Boot Saloon is a genuine bonafide biker bar. It was just us, and two biker bartenders, and two guys playing pool.

Everything in the bar was shiny and brand new. The walls were decorated with things like Iron Maiden posters, Harley-Davidson flare, POW-MIA flags, and skulls. Oh, and they also had an actual skeleton, smoking an actual cigar, riding an actual motorcycle, mounted to the wall.

We ordered two gin and tonics.

The biker bartenders (who I assume were husband and wife) very sweetly and discreetly checked their mixed drinks reference book to make sure the proportions were right. As we took our first sips, they asked us if our drinks tasted okay.

I think they were worried about screwing up the recipe. Our drinks tasted just fine. I think that was my favorite part of the whole night.

9/21/2008 6:33 pm