Adam needs some new books to read

I came across this list of 30 books everyone should read before their 30th birthday. I like it. Its a good list.

I feel like my most of the books listed have been recommended to me at one point or another. I can only recall reading about 7 of them. Maybe I half-assedly read a few more of them for school assignments, but if I can't remember what the book was about I don't think it should count.

I'm almost done with Last Exit to Brooklyn. What should I read next?

  • I'm in the mood for fiction, but not sci-fi or war fiction. That rules out Vonnegut unfortunately.
  • I'm open to kick ass biographies. No rock stars or business tycoons please. I prefer introspective biographies with loose narrative structures to biographies that spew names, dates, and locations. I'd prefer reading about someone who's still alive, or who died in my lifetime.
  • I like non-frilly self-help books like Getting Thinks Done or The War of Art. Lets avoid self-help books with glossy pages or big line spacing.
  • These days, I can't read anything really long (lets say 500 pages max). I like chapters that I can finish in under an hour.
  • Nothing experimental (that means no Calvino, okay? Not right now.
  • I'd like something inspiring, but nothing that'll make me wanna go wild and travel or get off the grid. Gotta keep it real.
11/05/2008 10:31 am