Adam likes prizes better than prices

Is that a typo? I snapped this picture on the train this morning. Its an advertisement for the New York Lotto's The Price is Right scratch off game.

Bob Barker's catchphrase on the game show was "The actual retail price is..." not "The actual retail prize is..."

I wonder if some genius marketing guy working on the ad said, "Fuck it. Who cares if the copy doesn't make sense. It looks better."

Know your audience, I guess.

If you're advertising to folks down on their luck during a recession, then make giant blinking typos that say PRIZE in some sort of Las Vegas inspired typeface... and invoke a sense of nostalgia and security through the voice of Bob Barker.

The sorts of people who notice typos / nitpick about language / point and laugh at stupid people (see engrish.com and failblog.org) are not the sorts of people who also play the lotto. They are not your target audience.

Oh right, it all goes to education.

(Further reading: Do Typos Matter by Bob Bly and Wikipedia's Subliminal messages entry.)

4/06/2009 2:15 pm