Adam is holding up a blue card

My friend Rob is involved with this really sweet cohousing project in Brooklyn. A bunch of people are trying to bring neighborliness, community, sharing, and sustainability to their lives. The project just got written up in the NY Times.

Making decisions and coming to agreements between forty households who will be living with each other sounds daunting. I love the group's consensus process.

When a facilitator calls for consensus, members hold up cards to signify their positions on an issue. Green means the holder agrees with the decision; blue means he or she is neutral; yellow, is unsure or unclear; orange, has serious reservations but will not block consensus; and red, will block consensus. The group recently added a white card to signify “I’m not up to speed on this issue because I didn’t do my homework.”

I'm going to start carrying colored cards with me everywhere I go.

11/30/2008 8:22 pm