Adam has reemerged from blog silence

Oh crappy crap. A week has slipped by since I last posted. Forgive me for my blog-silence. In brief:

I caught a nasty ass cold. (I think I'm finally over it.)

I got a new bike built using a frame that Liam gave me and a wheel that Mark gave me. (It was put together by Katie at Velo Brooklyn. Its awesome. I'll post pictures soon.)

I worked my brains off on Musebin. (Greg found this little bit of code that I wrote particularly amusing. It turns censored albums names back into fully uncensored names.)

I watched two thugs knock a Chinese food delivery guy off of his bike and run off with the food. (What the fuck, Bushwick?)

I slept, ate, hung out, and did normal life-ish things.

10/15/2008 9:40 am