Adam has been reunited with a long lost camera

In March, I left a disposable camera at Death by Audio (a venue in Brooklyn) along with a note: "Take a picture. Call me when the camera is full." I was there playing a show with my friend Chad.

I forgot about the whole thing until a few months ago when I got a weird call from a stranger who told me about my camera. It was full. Apparently the camera had never left the venue. Under no circumstance did the caller want to hand deliver the camera to me. Fine. It would be hidden safely behind the bar. I could get it whenever.

The next day I ran into Chelsea on the train... she was on her way to a show at DBA, so I asked her to grab the camera from behind the bar. Chelsea passed the camera on to Melissa (one of my roommates) who passed the camera back to me.

Fast forward to right now. I just got these pictures developed. Boom.

11/17/2008 2:35 pm