Adam is connecting the dots

I learned 3 amazing new facts while watching Pee-Wee's Christmas Special (1988!) with Biana the other night.

1. Mrs. Renee... and the claymation dinosaur family are Jewish.

Chag Sameach.

2. Magic Johnson and Magic Screen (the character that Pee-Wee jumps into when he plays connect the dots) are cousins.

Also, according to Wikipedia, Magic Screen is a girl.

3. Somewhere is a prop closet in Hollywood is the most amazing snowsuit I've ever seen. I want! If someone gets me a snowsuit like this, I swear I'll wear is everyday and cherish it and love it with all my heart.

Also, nice scarf Morpheus.

The entire Christmas special is available for free from Pee-Wee's official site, peewee.com. Also, if you didn't see these pictures already, Biana and I dressed up as Jambi and Magic Screen for Halloween.

12/15/2009 9:14 am