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For a moment, lets forget about this mess we're in and how we got into this mess in the first place. The music video for Everything is Borrowed, the first song off of The Streets' new album is a beautiful piece of "credit crunch drama" -- featuring Mike Skinner's emotionally naked lyrics and bangin' beats.

Take a moment to watch it and get yourself sorted out before the impending "complete meltdown of our financial system" swallows us whole.

9/19/2008 2:26 pm Comments

Jake at Glorious Noise writes about his attempt to pare down his collection of 1,000 vinyl records to 50 keepers.

My idea at the time was that if I wasn't ever listening to this stuff, why should I hold onto it? Shouldn't music be more than a status symbol or fetish object? Over the last three years I can honestly say that there have only been a few times I wanted to hear something that I'd had on vinyl, but didn't have on CD or MP3.

My own "Why should I hold on to it?" struggle is constant and goes well beyond music...

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This (might be) the first of many bike cam videos, where I share my thoughts about god-knows-what, while pedaling through the streets of NYC. I hope captain safety approves.

9/17/2008 1:53 pm Comments

I crave the cinematic. That craving explains why I like certain types of music and movies, and why I tend to resonate more certain types of people. That craving also explains why I sometimes try to turn normal moments into moments that are extremely beautiful / intense / sad / fantastic.

A few weeks ago one of my Appalachian Trail buddies emailed me something he wrote in 2003. Before we met on the trail, Darren flew cargo planes out of Tennessee. Right now, I'm sitting at a desk in an office in Brooklyn. I'm searching for Darren's email in my inbox and rereading it. I guess I'm rereading it because have to.

Night flight

26 years old now
Bearded, clothes wrinkled
From lack of the dryer that doesn't exist in the hangar.
I go to my friend's apartment to do laundry.
Not that it matters, of course-
No one sees you that late at night...
I put on my long johns
My cargo pants, which hold things-
Charts, maps, cell phone, flashlight
Next the fleece jacket, fleece toboggan
And full raingear- pants which flare against the hiking boots
Waterproof (mostly); rain slicker
I pull the hood over my head..
Lastly, the gloves.
Fur-lined, brown leather gloves
The most important thing
That keep your hands warm in the dark preflight
Keeps the aviation fuel from giving you frostbite
Keep your fingers from freezing to the throttle at altitude.

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Musebin's beta users have been crafting some really great 1-line reviews. There's something really satisfying about discovering new music, smirking at witty 1-liners, and coding a website all at the same time.

Today, thanks to these 132 characters on Musebin, I discovered Bryan Scary and the Shredding Tears: "This is what happens when you deprive people of traditional pop and force dance on them: they revolt, and make insano-pop like this."

If you would like a Musebin invite, send me a message.

9/15/2008 6:26 pm Comments

Kudos to Jared (News Groper's editor) and his buddies, for putting together this lovely little satirical Palin video over the weekend. I love the hockey mom accents. I also love the idiotic YouTube comments (to which I contributed... sorry, I had to). What do you all think?

9/15/2008 11:59 am Comments

Near Union Square I saw an almost naked man walking north and mumbling to himself. He left a trail of trashcan fires. I ate a dollar slice of pizza and called 911.

Then, on the subway I gave a dollar to a piano, drums, and two tapdancer ensemble. And then a dollar to a father and son duo putting on a puppet show behind a foamcore castle.

Their puppets sang The Beatles and Marvin Gaye, and they made me smile. When I got to Bushwick, which is where I live nowadays, I bought a tall dollar fifty can of Bud Light from the bodega and made myself a blog.

9/14/2008 9:08 pm Comments