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Thanks to my good friends Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart! Just in time for Thanksgiving.

Here's the recipe:

More mashed potato fun: The BLO used red, white, and blue colored mashed potatoes and ipecac to puke patriotic performance art. I can't believe there's no video of this online. Only one measly comment on WMMNA. Internet, you've let me down.

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This is the best story I've heard in a long time.

Starring baby monkeys lost in frightening trees, a witch, crocodiles, a tiger, a "popotamus", a lion, and a "tremendously very bad mammoth". There are also magic powers and an orange ring.

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After reading my quote in Wired.com's write-up on Musebin, my friend Anthony from The Hype Machine emailed me to make sure I don't hate MP3 blogs. So, for the record, I don't hate MP3 blogs.

The blogosphere has changed the way I discover and understand music for the better. I'm thankful that the internet is filled with so many people who are passionate about what they listen to, and who love to share.

In the 1990s I had trouble feeding my cravings for new and interesting music. Aside from recommendations from a few close friends, my only way to discover new music was to look for CDs with cool looking covers... and cross my fingers. I'm not joking. Thank god I don't have to do that any more.

No matter what your musical tastes, you're bound to find music writers online who'll resonate with you. Here are some of my favorite websites (MP3 blogs and otherwise)...

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In March, I left a disposable camera at Death by Audio (a venue in Brooklyn) along with a note: "Take a picture. Call me when the camera is full." I was there playing a show with my friend Chad.

I forgot about the whole thing until a few months ago when I got a weird call from a stranger who told me about my camera. It was full. Apparently the camera had never left the venue. Under no circumstance did the caller want to hand deliver the camera to me. Fine. It would be hidden safely behind the bar. I could get it whenever.

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Pretty words from a post on TrailForums.com about what the Appalachian Trail subculture calls itself:

... we are the thin red line upon a path that translates to the wanderlust of the American spirit, manifesting its destiny thru evolution, divine intervention, and a busload of luck...

Right now the conditions are perfect for lurking on TrailForums.com: It got dark at 5 today. Its past midnight now. Ida is on. I'm messing with spreadsheets. I wonder what more pretty words I can find.

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Last night I saw Man on Wire. The movie tells the true story of Philippe Petit who in 1974, rigged a tightrope between the two World Trade Center buildings and walked across.

One day, I too will walk on wires... specifically I will walk across overpriced ethernet cables tied between two moving horses. I will film my stunt and upload it to YouTube. Mark my words.

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I made a cool little toy which lets you sync your latest Flickr picture with your Twitter profile's background image. Its called Flickr my background.

Also, I recently made a related change on Musebin's twitter, so Musebin's avatar shows the album art of the latest music review posted. Nifty no?

I would love your feedback, and to hear your thoughts on how images can enhance your Twitter experience.

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Here's another awesome video from the guys at Landline.

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I came across this list of 30 books everyone should read before their 30th birthday. I like it. Its a good list.

I feel like my most of the books listed have been recommended to me at one point or another. I can only recall reading about 7 of them. Maybe I half-assedly read a few more of them for school assignments, but if I can't remember what the book was about I don't think it should count.

I'm almost done with Last Exit to Brooklyn. What should I read next?

  • I'm in the mood for fiction, but not sci-fi or war fiction. That rules out Vonnegut unfortunately.
  • I'm open to kick ass biographies. No rock stars or business tycoons please.

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I can't concentrate. Every 20 minutes or so I find myself refreshing isobamapresident.com... not yet... almost...

I've also been refreshing reddit.com, election.twitter.com, and a few of the mainstream news sites. Hurry the hell up Obama, be president already! This is killing my productivity.

PS - To refresh your browser on the mac, hit Command+R. To refresh your browser on the PC, hit Control+R.
PPS - If you need some laughs, The Onion is totally rocking twitter today.

UPDATE: Obama is our new president. Yay! Compulsive refreshing has ceased.

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