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Saturday night I headed to Brooklyn Fireproof East with Biana. We had a quiet glass of wine while moped gangs from all over the United States drank PBR and lit urinals on fire. The best bits of 1990s era hiphop played in the background. This webpage has something to do with what we witnessed, but I think I need to have a moped to truly understand.

On Sunday we headed to Govorner's Island and bicycled around with Biana's friend Jon. The real action was in the water. Swimmers from around the world were competing in a 10 kilometer swim around the island. After the race, the swimmers got the river scum hosed off of their bodies. There was a guy with a kite there taking aerial photographs. Check his photos out.

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Last week, Aaron and I went to The Putting Lot, a miniature golf course in a vacant lot in Bushwick, Brooklyn. A local TV crew happened to be there recording a story. They aired my sound byte today. And, if you listen closely, you can also hear Aaron laughing at my golf swing.

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Good book. The author suggests that people need to shift from city-state mode to tribal mode. If we don't shift, we'll smother each other & irreparably fuck up our beautiful mothership. One way to bring about the shift is by telling ourselves new stories.

I like this story (pulled from one of the book's last chapters):

Among your own roots are thousands of generations of parents who survived sustainably, well enough to eventually give birth to you. You carry within you DNA descended from those very people.

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Biana & I are leaving on August 6th to hike The Cohos Trail (162 miles). We will return around August 23rd. You can follow our progress on our Cohos Hike blog.

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Last night, I had the type of dream that no one wants to return to, so I stayed awake. I took the dog for a long walk to clear the cobwebs & had a cool quiet summer morning.

By the I got back to my apartment I decided that I'm done with sagging pants. Done...

I'm weird with pants. As far back as I can remember, I've only been able to really enjoy one or two pair at a time. When I've got a pair of pants that I like, I stick with 'em. Once they're broken in, they're practically my skin.

I don't part ways with pants until I absolutely have to. I wear them until they look like they've been assaulted by fire breathing hippopotamuses & run over by steam engine scale lawnmowers (with rusty diamond tipped blades).

I've noticed that my current pants have been sagging lower and lower. When they sag, its not because I think it looks cool.

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All of my missed calls forward to my Google Voice number. I was amused by the transcription of a voicemail that my friend The Fugitive left for me. If the text is too small, you can watch the video a bigger window on YouTube.

It should be noted that The Fugitive and I start all of our conversations with "Slayer". We're not Slayer fans, but we've adopted some quaint Slayer loving mannerisms anyways. Slayer.

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Sometimes my dog Alex stops right in his tracks. Either he's bored of walking or he's scared of something. I usually just tug at his leash, and after an eighth-note of struggle he continues along happily.

Today, right as we were about to cross Hart Street, Alex stopped in his tracks. I was about ready to tug at his leash... some little kid (no taller than Alex) appeared out of nowhere and was giving my dog the biggest hug I've ever seen.

I stopped too. My kinetic energy was translated to heat by friction.

And that's how brakes work.

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Friday night, Biana and I decided to head to 40.752207,-74.009214. We looked at the lights flickering in New Jersey. We also looked for ghosts on the the lower decks of The Frying Pan. We found a piano, a painting, and a cabinet filled with sea creatures in jars.

On Saturday, we went for a bike ride around Jamaica Bay. We stopped at 40.60453,-73.898807 because the drawbridge was opening. While we were stopped, I looked down and saw horseshoe crabs, people fishing, and a boat waiting to pass under the bridge.

After our ride, we were hungry and got Indian food at 40.72686,-73.98755. The restaurant had live music. One of the musicians let Biana play the tabla for a minute or two.

Sunday was Mother's Day. I decided to bike from Bushwick to Fresh Meadows to visit my mom and grandmother. I brought them flowers.

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Is that a typo? I snapped this picture on the train this morning. Its an advertisement for the New York Lotto's The Price is Right scratch off game.

Bob Barker's catchphrase on the game show was "The actual retail price is..." not "The actual retail prize is..."

I wonder if some genius marketing guy working on the ad said, "Fuck it. Who cares if the copy doesn't make sense. It looks better."

Know your audience, I guess.

If you're advertising to folks down on their luck during a recession, then make giant blinking typos that say PRIZE in some sort of Las Vegas inspired typeface...

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A few months ago, I cancelled my Rhapsody subscription and switched over to Lala. The site used to be a middle man for physical CD trading, but now they're all 0s and 1s.

On Lala, you can download MP3s for 79 cents... or add songs to your 'web collection' for 10 cents. You get unlimited plays of songs in your web collection. Lala's 10 cents per song fits my music listening style much better than Rhapsody's $14.99 a month.

You also get 1 full listen to any song free, so you can explore and discover new music. You can permanently add any songs you already own to your web collection for free using Lala's Music Mover.

Lala has some well integrated social network features so you can see what your friends are listening to, follow strangers with good taste, and stalk your girlfriend. Here's my profile.

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